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This Fierce Beauty (2011)

A world of invention, inspiration and imagination underscore the theme of this  Macnas Parade.

A Mistress of Invention is dissatisfied with the current state of things and decides to act upon it. Navigators, imagineers, magicians, conjurers, philosophers, inventors, punks, mystics and wild beasts stagger, stalk, rip, roar, wrangle, tease, please and displease their way through the streets. With invention as the theme the atmosphere inspires mayhem, mischief and madness. Catch a glimpse of new universes, be amazed, terrified and tremble with the joy of things as brilliant beasts, rude charmers, arch rascals and babbling, brilliant buffoons as they evoke, wake and create new worlds on the edge of things…

Directed by Noeline Kavanagh

Galway Arts Festival, 2011

Beautiful and fierce, a ghoulish treat for fans

The Irish Independent on
This Fierce Beauty