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Savage Grace (2016)

Savage Grace is a restless ballad, a deliriously dark and delicious waltz between love and loss.

A heady concoction of murky mythology and nocturnal animal energy, Savage Grace sees dancing wolves, seductive raven tricksters and inconsolable plague mourners descend on the city streets at twilight to transform and transfix. Foreboding rhythms and musical laments, packaged in rhyme and riddle, herald the arrival of Baba Yaga, a formidable figure defined only by her striking ambiguity.

Savage Grace is a celebration of dreamers, schemers and engineers of imagination, powered by hundreds of colourful Macnas performers and visionary makers.

Parade Designer: Orla Clogher
Artistic Director: Noeline Kavanagh

President Michael D Higgins was among the 44,000-strong crowd who flocked to the streets of Galway to catch a glimpse of the gothic and ghoulish parade.

Irish Independent