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RUMPUS! (Ongoing)

Under the light of the moon, a mistress and her merry wanderers spring along, bound about and race the wind.

Music, mayhem and frivolity fill the air. What mischief will this frisky-legged troupe imagine? Part procession, part performance and part visual installation, the production features a dynamic visual aesthetic in the form of a giant sculptural hare, incorporating performers, text and live music to make a mobile show in the outdoors. A visually stunning, frivolous and fun piece of street procession that is suitable for all ages.

Directed by Noeline Kavanagh & Debbie Wright

Limerick City of Culture (2014); Macnas Cabaret (2014); Absolut Fringe Festival, Dublin (2012); Mallow Easter Festival, Cork (2012); Drogheda Arts Festival, Co. Louth (2012); Cork Midsummer Festival (2011)

...a sense of creativity lurking around corners, catching the audience unawares...

The Irish Times