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Port na bPúcaí (2017)

The beauty of life in the West of Ireland is reflected through the eyes of an old man from the islands, as he makes his way from this world to the next.

His magical vision is unleashed upon the streets this Samhain. This tender, contemplative, and hauntingly beautiful parade celebrates all that is mystical and magical about the West, as it journeys through the medieval streets of the Latin Quarter.

Always a gigantic undertaking, the 2017 parade featured the signature Macnas giant creations, sculptural images, pyrotechnics, bespoke costumes, epic performances plus live and original music.

Delivering this wondrous chaos were hundreds of performers from the Macnas Young Ensemble, Youth Ballet West, the Young Macnas Drummers, the community Macnas Ensemble, The Hit machine and many more.

A roaring success...

The Galway Eye