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Out of the Wild Sky (2018)

Between the white fire of the stars and the whispering woods, you can hear the breath of small kingdoms rising and falling…

Dreams floating light as moths among the branches of the trees, where sweetness and tangibility flickers amongst the dark hug of time.

Macnas bring Out of the Wild Sky to the streets of Galway and Dublin, packed full of love and magic, as they sculpt a new cosmos into being, where the language of birds and the stars take flight. Bells ring out, stitches of lightening burst forth, as a new horizon lights up the deep and the wondrous and lifts up the sky.

Performed in Galway Sun 28 Oct 2018 and in Dublin on Mon 29 Oct 2018

Photos: Julia Dunin

Had a government jet landed in the centre of Shop Street, it could not have competed with the spectacle...

Irish Times