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Land of Green Ginger: Unleashed (2017)

An alchemical universe peppered with wise beasts, giants, shape shifters and mischief makers.

The Land of Green Ginger is being called back, but not before one more Act of Wanton Wonder.

Macnas and Hull UK City of Culture 2017 invite you to watch as the full force of the city’s imagination is unleashed in a procession through the streets of the Old Town.

Revel in a night of magic and mysticism, populated by the dark, delirious and delicious.

Land of Green Ginger Unleashed by Macnas was originally produced as part of Land of Green Ginger for Hull UK City of Culture 2017, with support from Culture Ireland

Images: Kev Ryan



"Brought Hull to a standstill and bewitched watchers with its madness and magic..."

Hull Daily Mail