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Danse Macabre (2019)

Set in a market bizarre in a magic-realist world.  The boy Conor is taken on a journey to release his grief, unleashing curiosity, fear, grief, love, laughter and party onto the streets of Galway.


Macnas bringing the epic to the streets of Galway once again, creating a world with magical and humorous characters an atmosphere of abandon and an unforgettable journey.

Macnas are the ultimate guardians of the unpredictable, conjure a magical-realist world brimming with fizzing light, infusing the streets with spices and aromas, wafting and roaming around dense dark corners that rise to meet the transcendental and magical.


Images: Julia Dunin

The Macnas Halloween parade is one of the most celebrated in the world for its fantastical pyrotechnics, giant constructs, and incredible performers.

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