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Volunteer for the Macnas Parade 2019

Posted on: September 23, 2019

Want to get involved in this year’s Macnas parade in Galway?

* We’re looking for stewards and a magical crew to help move our Macnas giants through the winding streets of Galway.

* We are also seeking volunteers for our makeup and hairdressing departments who can help us to transform our performers.

*Our amazing costume department are looking for volunteers with some experience with textiles and break down, this is a great opportunity to work in a dynamic,  fast paced and creative environment.

We’re already hard at work on this year’s Macnas Parade, it’s a massive undertaking, with a small team of dreamers and a large crew of volunteer schemers.

To apply and be part of the magic of the Halloween Parade in Galway on Sun 27th October, click here.