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Macnas Launch Stilt Performance Workshops

Posted on: May 9, 2019

Macnas are beginning advanced stilt performance workshops with an emphasis on stilt performance using mask, stilt performance in acrobatics and in physical performance, indoors and outdoors.

Participants will learn advanced technical stilt performance techniques on a weekly basis and will be trained in the unique work of Macnas. This training will be led by Aidan Phelan with Artistic Director Noeline Kavanagh.

There will be a workshop audition held on Tuesday 14th May at 5pm at our workshop in Fisheries Field. we are looking for participants aged 15 – 25, with experience on stilts, who want to learn ensemble stilt performance, working with giants, drummers and the Macnas magic.

Please send an email of interest  to performers@macnas.com to participate in this workshop audition. There are limited places available for this ensemble and the workshops are free.

Macnas Launch Stilt Performance Workshops