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Macnas Executive Director Appointed

Posted on: March 7, 2019

We are thrilled to announce that Mark O’Donnell is joining the team at Macnas, taking up the role of Executive Director next month.

Mark’s background is in public management, and he has over 20 years experience working in Galway across a range of functions for both City and County local authorities, as well as a number of years as Director of the West Regional Authority, where he managed EU co-funded projects.

He led the business engagement component of Galway’s successful European Capital of Culture bid in 2016, and went on to project manage the early stages of the company set-up before returning to Galway City Council to work on capital project delivery, and more recently, HR management.

A graduate of NUI Galway, Mark has academic qualifications in Law, Finance, Governance & Management.

Macnas Executive Director Appointed