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Macnas return to Bram Stoker Festival on Mon Oct 29th

Posted on: October 3, 2018

Macnas are thrilled to return to the streets of Dublin to present an unforgettable nighttime parade on Mon 29 Oct 2018, as part of Bram Stoker Festival.

Now a much-loved Bram Stoker Festival tradition, join Dubliners and visitors of all ages along the city’s streets as dusk falls on Monday October 29th for Out of the Wild Sky, a haunting and hair-raising parade of otherworldly magic. The pioneers of imagination and creators of unforgettable spectacles will once again transform the streets of Dublin as day turns to night and darkness descends.

Packed with love and magic, sculpting a new cosmos into being, where the language of birds and stars takes flight, new horizons light up the deep and the wondrous and lifts up the sky.

Between the white fire of the stars and the whispering woods, you can hear the breath of small kingdoms rise and fall. Dreams float, light as moths through branches, where a tangible sweetness flickers within Time’s dark hug.

With support from Dublin Town.

Macnas return to Bram Stoker Festival on Mon Oct 29th