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Galway Macnas Halloween Parade Announced

Posted on: September 21, 2017

Port Na bPúcaí (The Song of the Spirits) will power through the streets of Galway at 5.30pm on Sunday October 29, 2017.

The Macnas Halloween Parade is a highlight of Ireland’s cultural calendar in October, and the Galway Parade is the largest free event in the West of Ireland. Over 40,000 people line the streets every year to be awed and amazed by this epic scale of storytelling, as the company unleashes creative chaos and invention.

The 2017 parade concept and design, an imaginative celebration of life in the West of Ireland, is the brain-child of Parade Creative Director Orla Clogher. Three women lead the Macnas magic this year with the voice of Musical Director Orlagh deBhaldraithe and the inventions of Costume Designer Cherie White. The Macnas parade includes the work of the Macnas creative ensemble, comprised of 45 professional artists and 300 volunteers supported by CEO/Artistic Director Noeline Kavanagh.

CREATIVE VISION FOR Port Na bPúcai (Song of the Spirits)

This year’s concept is a variation on an iconic theme: The Irish Wake. Concept devised by Parade Creative Director Orla Clogher. The beauty of life in the West of Ireland will be reflected through the eyes of an old man from the islands, as he makes his way from this world to the next. His magical vision will be unleashed upon the streets this Samhain. This tender, contemplative, and hauntingly beautiful parade will celebrate all that is mystical and magical about the West, as it journeys through the medieval streets of the Latin Quarter.

Always a gigantic undertaking, this year’s parade will feature the signature Macnas giant creations, sculptural images, pyrotechnics, bespoke costumes, epic performances plus live and original music.

Delivering this wondrous chaos are hundreds of performers from the Macnas Young Ensemble, Youth Ballet West, the Young Macnas Drummers, the community Macnas Ensemble, The Hit machine and many more.

The financial support given by The Arts Council and Galway City Council is crucial to the company. Macnas have partnered with Galway’s Latin Quarter for this years’ spectacular parade. Valued Macnas Business Patrons this year are Acorn Life, Galway Clinic and Nox Hotel. For more information, check social media for our parade countdown or visit Macnas.com for more information.

macnas.com | https://www.facebook.com/macnas | @macnasIreland

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Galway Macnas Halloween Parade Announced