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Macnas Presents Pop up Theatre Spectacle

Posted on: February 11, 2016

Macnas brings the “wired, weird and wonderful” to Austin, Texas

Macnas is an internationally acclaimed Irish spectacle company creating interactive large scale outdoor public performances. From collaborating with U2 on the Zooropa tour, to celebrating the millennium in NYC’s Times Square, Macnas is now coming to SXSW 2016 bringing creative chaos invention and imagination onto the streets of Austin. 

The Wild Hunt and the Sleepwalker is a large scale free outdoor epic adventure about a boy …

A 15 foot-high Boy walking about Down Town Austin along 6th street, chasing after a giant animated curious butterfly. This butterfly leads him around corners, onto side streets and down alleyways populated with dreamers and schemers, monsters and marvels. The Boy escapes into a world of adventure where guardians of the unpredictable appear and disappear and where epic large scale magical and fearsome beasts come out of the shadows and waltz wild, new and wondrous friendships into being.

This dusk time reverie on Saturday 12th March will take adults and children alike on a magical journey, bringing the creativity and talent of Ireland onto the streets of Austin for one single performance.

Saturday 12th March, 6th Street Austin, Texas starting at 6.45 p.m.

see SXSW for further details        #Irelandon6thSt

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“This event is the US premier of a unique Irish street theatrical spectacle in Austin by Macnas and is supported by IDA Ireland and Culture Ireland – Global Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme.”

Macnas Presents Pop up Theatre Spectacle