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Macnas Young Ensemble get creative with new technology

Posted on: December 3, 2015

Smart phones to the ready!

Soundwalks is an original and exciting new project devised by the Macnas Young Ensemble over the past nine months in collaboration with theatre and sound practitioners Miguel Barcelo, Mairead Ni Chroinin and Carl Kennedy. It is an newly created production by members of the Young Ensemble which merges the Macnas physical performance and visual energy with new technologies.

Soundwalks is an intimate, immersive theatre experience for the audience. Each audience member is taken on a physical and audio journey from our workshop  in the Fisheries Field ending in the grounds of the University campus of NUI Galway. The performance uses a soundtrack written, composed and recorded by the group that creates a narrative for the audience. The soundscape is played on each individual audience member’s mobile device via headphones, as they are instructed to move, experience and respond to the created  environment. There are a maximum of 10 audience members per performance.

The Young Ensemble have been working with the company for 5 years and this project builds on their experience and introduces new technology to both their practice and that of the company.

Our aim is to empower young people by giving them the creative experience and responsibility of an ambitious new outdoor production and to engage with new audiences and relationships by involving spectators in the production’s structure (they download the MP3 recording before attending). It is hoped that the piece has a sensory aspect, affording individual and personal experiences. This project is supported by the Arts Council Young Ensemble Scheme Award.

For further information e-mail: Debbie Wright on admin@macnas.com