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Macnas Halloween Spectacle Extravaganza

Posted on: October 3, 2015

We are delighted to announce details of our October Bank Holiday parades. Join us for some Macnas magic in Galway or Dublin or both!

Galway | 5.30pm, Sunday October 25th

This year’s Macnas Parade is entitled ‘The Shadow Lighter’ and it celebrates transformation, life, death and rebirth. There is a real organic elemental feel to the structures in this year’s story and the performance energy is inspired by animal energy appealing to the senses, nature, ritual and play. Once again our creative team have created some iconic larger than life images to bring our story to life.

Our successful collaboration with Youth Ballet West under the direction of Judith Sibley is in its seventh year. These talented ballerinas will play the part of the enchanted Forest Troupe representing the four seasons, elemental, supernatural and enchantment. Macnas have expanded their Young Ensemble this year to feature three distinct groups involving over 80 young people from all over the city playing key elements of the story. The Shadow Lighter will be set alight with live musicians including the Macnas Brass Ensemble and performance drummers so expect plenty of flames, flares and complete chaos as we takeover the streets of Galway on Sunday 25 October.

Further details of the parade route to be announced.

Be warned: This is not a passive experience!

Dublin | 5.30pm, Monday October 26th

We are thrilled to be taking part again in the Bram Stoker Festival in Dublin and will present Alive! Awake!, a Macnas twilight procession on Monday 26th October. Beginning at 5.30 p.m. the procession will start from three locations in Dublin city.

A mist descends upon the city streets. Sounds pulsate beneath our feet. The sky shudders as Macnas spirits are unleashed by Twilight.

Come out and celebrate with Danu, Goddess of the Divine and Dark: brutal and beautiful warrior and ​mother, hallowed and holy, she protects and provokes, takes flight and goes underground.

Mummers and drummers follow and seek. Demons and angels love and loathe, the dead dance and the living transform. Men become gods, fools become Kings, souls are sanctified, reptiles are rarefied and the city streets transform as the journey unfolds.

For full details see: http://www.bramstokerfestival.com/event/macnas/