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Exciting new young talent emerging

Posted on: May 29, 2015

Our Young Ensemble showcase event held on May 23rd was a huge success, with 60 guests including parents, friends,  Arts Office representatives, theatre practitioners and festival directors all turning out to witness these talented young performers being put through their paces by director Miquel Barcelo.

We currently have two Young Ensemble groups, a newer group which has been together for one year, and a more experienced group who have been working with Macnas for over four years. The younger group presented a performance showcasing their progress, while the older group gave a great insight into the process of workshopping and development, laying  themselves bare to improvisation in front of the audience. They also spoke out about how the creative, collaborative fellowship of the Ensemble has transformed their lives, helping them to find a sense of poetry in everything that they do.

Ranging in ages from 15 to 22, many of our more mature Ensemble members have gone on to study and train in the arts, and some perform part-time with us while continuing their education. They’ll now take their well-deserved summer break and come together again in September. We hope to premiere an original piece of very intimiate soundscape and performance work devised and created by one of young groups in the Autumn so we keep you posted.

The Macnas Young Ensemble is open young people ages from 15-22. A commitment of two hours per week is required. For more details contact admin@macnas.com.

Exciting new young talent emerging