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Macnas Parade Information

Posted on: October 22, 2014

On Sunday 26th October ‘Symphony for the Restless’ takes over Galway city and the next day, Monday 27th, ‘The Summoning’ will descend on Dublin.


‘Symphony for the Restless’ takes a similar route to last year (see map):

START: Fisheries Field – Eglinton Street – Shop Street – High Street – Quay Street – Spanish Arch – Fr. Griffin Rd (fire station) : END

It will leave Fisheries Field at 4:45pm on Sunday. We encourage everyone to dress up in mask, glitter, feather, DIY costumes and whatever helps you celebrate the surreal, the off-beat and the unexpected.

We are still taking volunteers for the day of the parade so if you’re interested in getting involved, email roisin@macnas.com for details.



‘The Summoning’ will take three routes across Dublin city centre as part of Bram Stoker Festival:

1. City Hall towards Capel Street bridge, left at Nealon’s pub towards  Arran Street East and then Mary Street

2. Essex Street winding its way through Temple Bar and Temple Bar Square crossing the Milennium Bridge

3. Moore Street, Henry Street, Wolfe Tone Square

The event starts at 5:30pm. All 3 routes will converge in Wolfe Tone Square sometime between 5:30pm and 6pm (times are approximate).

We are also taking volunteers for Dublin so if you’re interested, please email jamesaryan@gmail.com for details.


Macnas Parade Information