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Macnas Parade Campaign a Success

Posted on: October 14, 2014

We have just under two weeks to go until we take to the streets and we’d like to thank all of our funders and supporters who helped us reach our target for this year’s campaign.

Thank you one and all. The support was amazing online and in person and we are so happy to be able to progress with plans for this year’s Galway Halloween Parade, ‘Symphony for the Restless.’

We have now returned to our workshop in Liosb├ín (thank you, Bradley Motors!) where our amazingly creative team are welding, hammering, gluing, shaping, painting, twisting and dreaming new beings into life. In the Field, our costume room is awash with incredible shapes and vibrant colours fabricated by our fabulous costume team, some of whom are new to the Macnas family. And each evening, performers take over the space here for rehearsals and that’s when the noise and excitement floods the Field and brings the parade energy closer and closer. Day to day, the not-so-exciting, but always necessary office-work continues at full throttle to ensure all systems are go for this year’s parade. We are still taking volunteers to help us out on the day so email roisin@macnas.com with your name and number if you’re interested in jumping on board.

As you may have seen from last week’s announcement on Facebook, we will also be performing in Dublin this month as part of the Bram Stoker Festival. On Monday 27th we will present ‘The Summoning’, a new outdoor piece consisting of vignettes performed at various locations in Dublin. For more information keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter and check out the Bram Stoker website.

So, no rest for the wicked and it is the month to be wicked after all! Stay tuned for more details on the parade and on how you can be involved.



Macnas Parade Campaign a Success