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Volunteer for this year’s Macnas Parade

Posted on: September 30, 2014

As you no doubt have heard, Macnas is taking to the streets on Sunday 26th October for our biggest event of the year – the Macnas Halloween Parade – and we are recruiting volunteers!

We’ll be putting on a street-hopping, traffic-stopping party with a host of new giants, performances, bespoke costumes and live original music all drenched in our award-winning design. But to get our giants up town we need pushers which is a great way to get involved and see the parade from the unique perspective of within, without having to put yourself front and centre if that’s not your thing.

​Pushers are the secret mobilisers of our parade, stealthily moving through the town underneath twelve foot rhinos, behind giant roe deer, covertly bopping to the sound of a foot-stomping band. We allocate enough people to each float to ensure nobody is under under any strain. You’ll get ear plugs, gloves and the chance to meet other groovy, helpful people​ while seeing the crowd’s faces and hearing their comments and cheers close-up. You will be the unsung hero of this year’s parade (until later, when we will indeed sing for you!).

Without pushers there is no parade. This is a huge part of all of our events and we really appreciate the time people give us in helping to make this possible so please think about joining us this year. Maybe you and a few friends would like to do it together? We’ll have yee! If you are interested in being part of this year’s parade as a pusher, please email roisin@macnas.com with your name, phone number and confirming that you are available on Sunday 26th October and are in good physical condition for this role (you’ll be on your feet for up to roughly three hours on the day itself).

We look forward to having you traverse the streets with us!


Volunteer for this year’s Macnas Parade