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Macnas Parade Launch & Campaign

Posted on: June 9, 2014

To all Macnas parade lovers, believers, performers, volunteers and most importantly the 55,000 of you who lined the streets of Galway last Halloween and came out to play with us:  Thank you!

Folks, we would love you to join us on our 2014 Macnas Halloween parade campaign. We invite you to our launch at the Kitchen in Galway Museum on Thursday the 19th of June at 6pm where the wonderful Lelia Doolan will kickstart proceedings.

We want to keep our streets alive with energy, imagination, joy and anarchy; it’s been a tradition in Galway for 28 years but to do this we need to highlight the simple truth: funding is needed to sustain our favourite epic large-scale community event and unfortunately that’s money we don’t have, so we need your help.

We’re asking you to give what you can to our Parade Campaign 2014. Every penny counts, there’s no minimum or maximum amount required. If you look at our donate page here you’ll see that there are even some rewards.

This Halloween we can all help to draw the mischief, the mysterious and the magical onto our Galway streets; we can celebrate our city and our creativity with the big, the bold and the beautiful.

Let’s make the magic happen.


Macnas Halloween Parade Campaign from Macnas Ireland on Vimeo.


Photo by Liam Carroll Photography

Macnas  Parade Launch & Campaign