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Thanks to everyone who made On the Night Journey possible

Posted on: November 4, 2013

On Sunday 27th October Macnas  presented its largest ever Galway night parade ‘On the Night Journey’ a celebration of the past four years of the company’s work staged on a day of promised gale force winds and storm warnings…

and then the clouds cleared, people came out in force and our night creatures and iconic images took to the streets with crowds of approximately 35,000 lining in wait.

It takes a lot to present a parade of this magnitude and we would like to thank everyone who made it possible: Our funders Galway City Council and the Arts Council of Ireland; our parade partners The Latin Quarter Galway; Avaya; Galway Clinic; West End Traders; and Fáilte Ireland; our wonderful, generous Fund It donors; our Macnas team of dedicated artists, staff and makers; our incredible volunteer performers who kept the magic going from start to finish; the stewards, the lighting technicians and the pyrotechnicians who kept people safe, structures lit and the atmosphere ignited; the puppeteers who brought our beautiful images to life; the stage managers who kept everything in check; the spotters for keeping an eye on our amazing stilt walkers; the pushers who made sure all of our images got safely through the town; our steerers and operators who ensured our iconic structures were at their best; our caterers for keeping us fed during the week; all of the local businesses who helped to spread the word about volunteers and about the parade; the photographers and videographers for capturing the beauty of the work; our super talented hair and make-up team for bringing colour and drama to the beautiful faces of our performers; our costume team for their endless talent and patience; iSupply Flood Street for all our printing needs!; parents, partners and friends for supporting all those who gave their time to the parade; the local press for their continued support and most importantly you: for coming out and being part of the magic and for reminding us why we do what we do. We’re looking forward to next year already.

Thanks to everyone who made On the Night Journey possible