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On the Night Journey audience participation

Posted on: October 25, 2013

We’re really looking forward to seeing the Galway streets lined with excited and expectant faces for this year’s parade but you can do more than just watch – you can get involved too.

All you need is a phone with a camera and you can be part of our ‘flashtag’ experience in two easy steps.

1. Take a photo of the parade as it passes you, or of yourself enjoying the parade as it passes. The flash from the camera will help to light up our images and performers and create lots of lovely little blasts of white light along the route

2. On the street, or when you get home, post your photos online using the hashtag #macnasparade13 (this is very important!). That way those who aren’t lucky enough to be in Galway to see the parade can follow it online and we at Macnas can see how it looked from a variety of perspectives and maybe even feature some of the photographs during the week

We hope you enjoy the parade! Remember: dress for the Galway weather, arrive early to get a good viewing spot and don’t forget that the clocks go back on Saturday night. Have a fantastic weekend.


On the Night Journey audience participation