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Macnas makes Fund It target

Posted on: October 9, 2013

Macnas is delighted to announce that on Monday 7th October at 5pm the Fundit target of €10,000 for this year’s parade was not just reached, but exceeded by just over €500!

Artistic Director Noeline Kavanagh spoke of the ‘fantastic support’ everyone showed for the company and the parade, ‘On the Night Journey’, which takes to the streets of Galway on Sunday 27th October at 4:45pm. In total, 263 people donated to the Fundit campaign with others dropping money into the office or donating via this website.

Local businesses helped out too by sharing status updates, sponsoring and even donating money to the cause through fundraising, as in the case of The Kitchen in Galway City Museum. It was a collective effort, testament to how much the parade truly means to so many people. Macnas would also like to thank the Latin Quarter, our parade partners, and the Galway media for their on-going support.

Macnas makes Fund It target