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The Boy Explorer is Aran-bound!

Posted on: November 29, 2012

The Boy Explorer and his friends from Macnas set sail on Thursday 6th December 2012 to the Aran Islands as he continues his Quest for Brilliant Ideas.

The Boy Explorer is a 15ft high, eight year old boy who is on a quest to walk across Ireland asking children for brilliant ideas on how to make Ireland a better place to live. He has already travelled to one school in the each province of Ireland collecting brilliant ideas which he keeps safe in his giant schoolbag and he now plans to continue his quest on Inishmore.

This Boy Explorer will be accompanied by dreamers, schemers, inventors, poets and imagineers from Macnas, Ireland’s pre-eminent street arts and Spectacle Company. The Boy Explorer and his merry friends set sail from Rossaveel to Inishmore on the 6th December where they will meet the pupils of Scoil Náisiúnta Ronáin. The pupils of the island have been eagerly preparing for his visit for the past few weeks by making gifts that will help him on his onward journey. These gifts include a cloak of hand-prints to keep him warm, words of encouragement to read on his quest and lanterns to guide his way and of course, most importantly of all – brilliant ideas from the children on how to make Ireland a better place!

To coincide with the Boy Explorer’s trip to Inishmore, Macnas is launching an interactive website so that everyone can follow his adventures. The website, www.theboyexplorer.com, will contain photos, brilliant ideas and a journal of the Boy’s quest with his latest adventure.

Noeline Kavanagh, Artistic Director, Macnas says, “this is a journey to promote the vital role children’s ideas, art, and heart have as instruments of change in our lives and how crucial it is to value, encourage, and take these ideas on board. In this current climate, imagination is the only bridge by which we can move through the enormous space that separates us , where we have the chance of making ourselves known to each other again. In this way, art is social change and the brilliant ideas put forward by children remind us of this”.

The Boy Explorer has been amazed and so very grateful for all the ideas he has received from children all over the country. He has high hopes for great happenings with all of these brilliant ideas and will present them on his brand new website. The Boy Explorer is conjuring up an exhibition of all of the brilliant ideas he has received. Over the next 18 months he will go on adventures, visit other places and continue on his quest to gather a million trillion brilliant ideas.

The Boy Explorer is Aran-bound!