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2 street shows for 2012 ABSOLUT Fringe Festival in Dublin

Posted on: September 2, 2012

We will be presenting two shows for Fringe Festival 2012

‘Under the light of the moon a mistress and her merry wanderers spring along. Music, mayhem and frivolity fill the air. Their magic will cast a spell on the city and its inhabitants, who roam the streets looking for night-time adventures.’

The Cockroach and the Inventor
A giant Cockroach Inventor and his troupe of imagineers arrive into town conjuring up a crazy invention filled with molecular muddles and bellowing sounds. Wild happenings occur that range from the caustic to the hilarious! Unpredictability fills the air along with smoke, silly contraptions, dustbin lids and a genius apparatus that will tickle, tease and literally capture the audience.

Both shows takes place at the Civic Amphitheatre which is accessed from Fishamble Street. Tickets are free and are available to collect in person from the ABSOLUT Fringe Box Office at Filmbase only. Max 4 tickets per booking. It is not possible to book these tickets online. For more information see www.fringefest.com.

2 street shows for 2012 ABSOLUT Fringe Festival in Dublin